Monday, December 03, 2012

Bizarre Anti-Gay Marriage Rally in Paris

French anti-gay marriage supporters held a rally that featured a bizarre street performance. John Aravosis explains.

The men, dressed in body-fitting silver spandex, and sporting wings reading “mommy” and “daddy,” “flew” around the protest square between two groups of segregated supporters, old men dressed in green (the dads) on the left, and women dressed in reddish pink (the moms) on the right. And every time the horny avian would flail towards one group or the other the assembled crowd would yell “maman!” or “papa!”, apparently to signify that even Japanese anime fetishists need parents, or perhaps just colorful voyeurs.

This street performance is so bad it is almost good. A guy shows how much he hates gays by dressing up as a silver gay peacock. Words fail me.

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