Thursday, November 29, 2012

George LeMieux's hysterical Answer

George LeMieux shows an amazing level of chutzpah by saying he would have beat Bill Nelson.

Question: Do you believe that the Senate election would have turned out differently had you been the Republican nominee?

LeMieux: Of course I do! Anybody who ran for office and tells you differently shouldn’t have run. I think the race would have been a lot closer; I believe I was the best person to face Sen. Nelson. It would have presented a really good comparison, I believe.

LeMieux dropped out of the primary because he was too weak of a candidate to go against Connie Mack. Mind you, Mack barely registered a pulse beat during the entire campaign. It is no exaggeration to say that LeMieux couldn't beat an empty suit in a Republican primary.

Somehow LeMieux believes these weaknesses in his candidacy would help him beat an incumbent Democratic Senator; with President Obama on the top of the ticket. Never mind, Nelson's advantages or Obama For America getting Democratic voters to the polls. Lemieux dropping out of the GOP primary is the qualification that makes him the most bad ass general election candidate to ever to walk the planet Earth.

How did Eric Giunta of The State of Sunshine not bust out laughing when Lemieux gave his answer about he is able to beating Nelson. Did Lemieux also tell Giunta that he killed a Lion with his bare hands or computer-hacked into Wikileaks? Really, why stop at beating Nelson? I like to hear from LeMieux what other feats of greatness he has performed.



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