Thursday, November 29, 2012

Progress Energy Doesn't Pay Property Tax

It must be nice to be Progress Energy. Progress Energy is withholding payment on property taxes owed to Citrus County, Florida.

Monday, Progress Energy paid $19 million toward its $35 million property tax bill. The company feels the property appraiser did not fairly value some pollution control equipment, two aging coal-fired power plants and a damaged and idle nuclear power plant.

In fairness, Progress Energy may have a valid case. That doesn't give Progress Energy the right to just refuse to pay property taxes. Imagine if you refused to pay the full extent of your property taxes. You would likely be looking at jail time. This is forcing Citrus County to cut essential services.

Citrus County Sheriff Jeffrey Dawsy pulled told said 30 law enforcement members may be laid off. Two fire stations are facing possible closing.

"That to me is grave," Dawsy told a news conference, "The citizens of this community, if they didn't care about fire or law enforcement, should be outraged that their safety is now in danger."
Dawsy said he is voiding contracts with Progress Energy to assist the company in emergency services. Progress Energy has a damaged power plant. This is troublesome.

I'm amazed that Progress Energy constantly gets the state to approve rate hikes on cunsumers. When it is time for Progress Energy to pay they stiff on their bill.

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