Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rick Scott's Tuition Pitch

Gov. Rick Scott challenged community colleges to create a $10,000 bachelor degree. The question is what is Scott's reasoning.

"I am issuing a challenge to our state colleges to find innovative ways to offer a bachelor's degree at a cost of just $10,000 in fields that will provide graduates with the best opportunity for employment," Scott said.

Of course, Scott offered no state funding to help community colleges meet his challenge. The only thing I can think of is Scott thinks college education works like McDonald's. Lower prices and people will come. I haven't ate at McDonald's for years because the food is cheap because it sucks.

Roberto Martinez, of the Board of Education, called Scott's $10,000 bachelor degree pitch "a gimmick." That sounds about right. Scott isn't actually proposing anything. College tuition in Florida is cheaper than other states. Making Florida tuition cheaper will achieve what exactly? Martinez described Scott's pitch is designed to "be used as a sound bite." That sounds about right to me.

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