Sunday, December 02, 2012

Nate Silver Sums Up Why Politico Sucks

Pollster Nate Silver notes that Politico places more effort in churning out content than investigative reporting.

“Politico is … it’s like ‘Who won the day?’ kind of thing, right?” Silver responded. “They’re trying to cover it like it’s sports, but not in an intelligent way at all, right? And they want to create noise, basically, right? Their whole thing is, you have to have a lead story about some gaffe that some candidate made on the campaign trail.”

Politico isn't bias in a Fox News manner. Their reporters are intellectually lazy. Case in point is Jonathan Martin not understanding that Silver was crunching the numbers of national polls and averaging them out. Silver has always been upfront about this. Did Martin think that Silver was talking into a magic 8 ball.

What was remarkable to me is that you had some, like, journalist for, um, Politico, or something … who, like, tweeted … ‘All Nate’s doing is averaging polls and counting electoral votes?’ … ‘That’s the secret sauce?’ It’s like, well, yeah, and the fact that you can’t comprehend that very basic thing … that says more about you than, than about me, right?”

We have a political media class that attacked Silver and gave Dean Chambers of Unskewed Polls free publicity. This is the political media equivalent of picking Ball State to win the national championship.

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