Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mark Wilson Wins Again

Florida businesses will get an $830 million tax break in unemployment compensation. The tax cut will be for 2 1/2 years. How is Florida to pay unemployment compensation to laid-off workers, you ask. Florida doesn't. The fund has been drained. Florida borrows money from the federal government to pay out unemployment compensation. The state may be constitutionally mandated to have a balanced budget. That is done through accounting smoke and mirrors. This is the classic Florida Republican tax shift game.

Ellyn Bogdanoff wrote this horrible last minute amendment. 39 state senators voted for the amendment. The amendment makes no sense with Florida's current budget problems. Yet it received bipartisan support. That is because Mark Wilson wanted this tax cut.

"Unemployment compensation tax reform is vital in positioning Florida as one of the most favorable business climates in the global marketplace,” said Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce . “Passage of this important bill will help secure Florida’s future and build on the Florida Chamber’s efforts to create a more stable and predictable business climate."

Wilson is the most powerful man in Florida politics. What Wilson wants he gets. Wilson is also hurting Florida by driving the state deeper into debt. Wilson is the same man that successfully limit unemployment compensation and speed up foreclosures. It is hard to think of any person whom is hurting Florida working class people more than Wilson.

Update: Florida Senate Majority Leader Andy Gardiner sent out this email.

Facing a $1.4 billion shortfall, the Senate stayed true to its commitment to balancing the budget without raising taxes on Floridians and directing revenue toward areas that will support job growth while serving the critical needs of Florida. Lawmakers agreed upon a $70.04 billion budget with more than $90.3 million in tax relief measures. Along with Governor Scott, the Republican caucus showed its commitment to education, supporting more than a $1 billion in additional funding for K-12 education.

Only Florida Republicans can equate borrowing money from the federal government with balancing the budget.

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