Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don't Like Crist, Draft Alan Grayson

Florida progressive activist Susan Smith was quoted in the National Journal. Smith has been all over Facebook and Twitter voicing her displeasure at the possibility of Charlie Crist running for governor as a Democrat.

Now, some Democratic activists are getting anxious as they perceive the national party’s heavy hand on Crist’s political conversion. “They’re trying to clear the field, and I resent that,” said Susan Smith, president of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida. “Charlie Crist is not a Democrat, no matter what that piece of paper says.”

I have read other negative comments from progressives about Crist's party switch on the internet. I understand how progressives feel. I have been against many of Christ's past policy positions. I am also convinced that Alex Sink would lose again. Nan Rich has announced her candidacy and has generated zero excitement. The only candidate Team Obama will back is Crist.

There is another option. Progressives could throw a hail Mary and start an online Draft Alan Grayson campaign. Grayson can get the same kind of national grassroots support that Elizabeth Warren received. Grayson is a good fundraiser. That will be important when going against Rick Scott's deep pockets. Plus, a Grayson/Crist race would be the most exciting primary in 2014.

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