Monday, December 10, 2012

Florida Senate Launches Obamacare Website

I disagree with Florida Senate President Don Gaetz on many things. Gaetz does deserve credit for acting like a serious person. Gaetz has pushed for ethics reform. Gaetz now has had the Florida Senate launch a website on the Affordable Care Act. From the press release.

“In the coming months, members of the public, health care providers, representatives from Florida’s insurance industry, and countless other stakeholders will provide valuable feedback as members of the PPACA select committee discuss, evaluate and debate Florida’s policy options under one of the most complex and far-reaching federal laws in the history of our nation,” said President Don Gaetz in a news release. “The new portion of the Senate website was created to serve as a centralized location for interested parties to watch meetings, read bills and share their viewpoints with the committee.”

I would prefer Gaetz start-up a state exchange. However, a transparent process with the Senate seeking council is not a bad place to start. Gaetz is on-record as not being a fan of ACA. I'm glad he put his personal feelings aside.

The Senate website on the possible implementation of ACA is at

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