Saturday, December 08, 2012

Potential Problems For A Democratic Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist will have to deal with skepticism from Democrats if he plans on running for governor again. This quote by Florida Democratic Party chairman Rod Smith is a perfect example.

"I'm one of those believers that if you want to join our church you're always welcome in the congregation. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to make you a preacher," said Florida Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith, who has himself been mentioned as a possible candidate in 2014.

Translation: many Democrats have no problem with Crist stumping for President Obama. Giving Crist a position of power is another story. Crist has spent a good portion of his adult life helping Republicans gain power in Florida. This is the same Charlie Crist that was trying really hard to be John McCain's running mate. That kind of thing isn't going to endear Crist to the hardcore progressives Crist is going to need on the grassroots level of a statewide campaign.

Howie Klein wrote about the longtime gay rumors that have pestered Crist throughout his career. Conservative activist Sarah Rumpf tweeted this photoshopped image of Crist holding a picture of a shirtless Obama. You can bet that Gov. Rick Scott will mudsling and use homophobic attacks against Crist. Scott ran the indefensible and racist "Obama's Mosque" ad. Scott will use homophobic attacks because he isn't about to beat Crist in the charisma department.

The gay rumors about Crist have been around for years. There has never been any credible evidence that Crist is gay. Crist was formerly married to Amanda Morrow. Crist is currently married to the former Carole Rome. (She changed her last name when she married Crist.)

Benjamin Kirby has a problem with with Crist's support of Amendment 1. The ballot amendment passed and lowered property taxes. I agree with Kirby that the property tax cut hurt tax revenue for Florida. Many citizens were angry about their property taxes. What happened was counties were pumping up the appraisal values to get more tax revenue to make up for the tax cuts from the Florida legislature.

I wrote in 2006, how this was a tax shift. Gov. Jeb Bush signed SB 1020 into law. The bill gave counties the power to raise property taxes. Bush signed this law so he didn't have to break Grover Norquist's pledge of raising taxes. I have some sympathy for Crist's situation.

Where I take issue with Crist is him failing to see the housing bubble pop. Crist assumed that tax revenue would keep pouring in. Crist's economic sensibilities need much work. Crist may have a hard time connecting with voters that want to see tax increases on the rich.

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