Sunday, December 09, 2012

Manufactured Outrage From Brian Burgess

When Brian Burgess isn't busy covering-up Florida's TB outbreak, he is bashing Charlie Crist becoming a registered Democrat in a Republican Party of Florida press release.

“Charlie Crist’s first official act as a Democrat was to tell a lie about why he is now pretending to be one. The truth is that this self-professed, Ronald-Reagan Republican only abandoned his pro-life, pro-gun, conservative principles in 2010 after he realized that Republicans didn’t want to send him to Washington D.C. as a senator, especially after he proved he couldn’t do the job as governor. …

“It’s obvious that Florida Democrats are desperate when Charlie Crist is the one who gets invited to the White House just two years after he disowned Barack Obama in 2010, publicly ripped him at every turn, accusing President Obama of having ‘the same tired answer for every problem, trashing ObamaCare and promising to repeal it, endorsing John McCain, and blasted President Obama for wasting money on the stimulus. …

This sounds like "manufactured outrage" coming from Burgess. You may remember Burgess calling complaints of people having trouble voting as "manufactured outrage." People standing in line past midnight is fake outrage to Burgess. Charlie Crist becoming a Democrat is the coming of the end of days.

I doubt Burgess was surprised that Crist became a Republican. Anyone that followed politics saw that coming. That is what makes the righteous indignation so amusing.

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