Sunday, December 09, 2012

Jim DeMint Partner

Some jokes write themselves.

What can we expect from Jim DeMint when he becomes president of the Heritage Foundation? Thoughtful policy papers? Innovative solutions to problems facing America? How about more Glenn Beck.

Sen. Jim DeMint called in to Glenn Beck's radio program today to discuss his decision to resign from the Senate to become the president of the Heritage Foundation. DeMint explained that, with the re-election of President Obama, conservatives were not going to be able "to do anything positive at the federal level for the next four years" so he needed to be somewhere outside of government, working on solutions for when Obama's policies inevitably bring America "to its knees" ... and that will entail partnering with people like Beck to get the message out; a prospect that Beck was very eager to embrace:

DeMint is kissing Beck's ass. Beck is enjoying getting his ass kissed. Republican politicians like DeMint view conservative media as their true constituency. What a sad world we live in when a U.S. Senator feels the need to treat Glenn Beck as someone of great stature.

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