Friday, November 02, 2012

Unintentionally Greatest Erick Erickson Quote Ever

The Onion should hire Erick Erickson to write op-eds after the election. This is got to be the greatest quote since John Hinderaker raved about President Bush's "extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius." The first two sentences of Erickson's post are awesome in its wingnuttery.

I believe Mitt Romney will win on election day. I'm somewhat stunned to be writing that as I never really thought he could win until about the moment Clint Eastwood trotted out on stage at the Republican National Convention with that empty chair.

Invisible Obama is what changed Erickson's view of Romney's chances of winning the presidency. That is utterly insane.

In defense of Erickson, he writes that people that are for Romney or Obama shouldn't get pessimistic if their candidate doesn't win. That is good advice.

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