Thursday, November 01, 2012

Rick Scott Making Voting Like the DMV

Patricia Mazzei and Steve Bousquet report 3 hour long lines for people waiting to vote in Miami-Dade county. The League of Women Voters of Florida have asked for more early voting hours. Unsurprisingly, Republican officials have scoffed at the idea.

Adam Putnam

“There’s no unusual circumstances,” Putnam said. “There’s no weather-related events. There’s nothing out there in the state of Florida right now that would create the basis for an emergency order for the governor to produce.”

Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll

“We still have days to vote. It’s not the end yet, and we certainly have election day as well, that people can turn out and vote,” she said.

State Senator Don Gaetz

“Aren’t these the same people who were running around the state saying the changes to early voting amounted to voter suppression?” Gaetz said. “So now we’re seeing a historically high level of turnout, and they’re complaining.”

The turnout has nothing to do with the new voting laws approved by Republicans and everything to do with people interesting in the presidential race. Gaetz logics is like why do people that complain about the food in a Turkish prison keep eating. It might be because these people don't feel like starving to death. People don't like standing in long lines, but feel that it is their civic duty to vote.

Republicans love to cite the long lines at the DMV as proof that government doesn't work. The Florida Republican establishment is doing everything in there power to make voting as pleasurable as a DMV visit.

Another tidbit of information: Florida Republicans know they are trying to restrict voting. Why else would they say that 2012 has the same amount of early voting hours as 2008. There were actually 120 early voting hours in 2008. Gov. Rick Scott will only allow the legal limit of 96 hours. Former Gov. Charlie Crist was still a Republican when he extended voting hours in 2008. Crist deserves majors kudos for allowing Floridians the opportunity to vote.

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