Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dean Chambers Predicts Romney Wins 301 Electoral Votes

Remember this after election day. On October 28th, Unskewed Polls tells us that Mitt Romney leads President Barack Obama in 9 out of 11 swing states. Dean Chambers only has Obama leading in Michigan and Pennsylvania. In the real world, Romney is getting killed in the swing states. The TPM poll tracker averages out the major polls. The TPM numbers have Obama leading in ten swing states. Romney leads in Florida by 0.5 and North Carolina by 1.9.

Chambers calls the election for Romney. That is unsurprising for someone who accuses pollsters of having a liberal bias. That might explain why Chambers called Ohio for Romney. The Obama campaign is openly bragging about how they have Ohio in the bag. Anyone who calls Ohio for Romney shouldn't talk about other (real) pollsters being bias.

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