Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Michele Bachmann Laughed At By Her Constituents

So much for Michele Bachmann having credibility with her constituents. In a debate, Bachmann's Democratic opponent Jim Graves challenged Bachmann to stop attacking Obama and start providing solutions to Medicare. Bachmann told the audience she never does "political speech." The result was laughter.

Bachmann responded by saying she had a “very significant investment in the future” because of her five biological children and 23 foster children. The congresswoman described the federal debt as a “moral problem” that she was fighting against.

“I have very much been part of the solution and it’s insulting to say it’s political speak. That’s one thing I do not do, is political speak,” Bachmann added.

In defense of Bachmann, the audience might have laughed at Graves if he made such a statement. People are wise enough to know that politicians do "political speak."

Bachmann's Medicare position is a little more complicated. She isn't against the idea of vouchers. Her constituents are telling her that they can't afford the extra cost that a voucher program would bring.

WALLACE: What do you tell people nearing retirement who say I can’t afford to pay more of my own healthcare costs out of pocket? Which is what the Ryan and Republican Study Committee plans would do.

BACHMANN: And I understand that. I put an asterisks on my support, I put a blog posting up that said just as much. That is my area of concern, I support this bill with that proviso. … One position that I’m concerned about shifting the cost burden to senior citizens. Seniors are saying, look, I’m not in a positon to be able to handle that. I also share that real fear, that’s why I put that asterisks out there. [...]

The Ryan Medicare voucher plan is a political loser for the Republican Party. We now see the Romney campaign running from Paul Ryan's plan. I'm amazed that they didn't figure this out before they put Ryan on the ticket.

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