Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Rick Scott Open to Drilling In Everglades

Gov. Rick Scott follows Michele Bachmann's silly lead by talking about drilling in the Everglades.

"With regard to the Everglades, I think we have to be very cautious if there’s going to be any more drilling. It’s my understanding, we haven't had any problems to date so my goal would be to be very cautious."

To give an understanding of how poorly informed Scott and Bachmann are on energy policy. There is no actual evidence of oil.

Is there even any oil beneath the Everglades? 10News sat down with USF Geologist Dr. Albert Hine, and he told us, "There is no known evidence that there is a significant hydrocarbon deposit beneath the Everglades."

Republicans like Scott and Bachmann don't even try to know what they are talking about. These politicans have an allergic reaction to researching the issues.

Update: Scott's staff is backtracking from their governor placing his foot in his mouth.

"Please update your stories with the following statement which you can attribute to me: Governor Scott has not called for an expansion of drilling in the Everglades. That discussion is not on the table. Thank you, Amy Graham."

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