Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Upcoming Jim Greer Trial

The trial next year of former Republican Party of Florida chairman will be fascinating. The trial will shine a light on the blatant corruption of Greer and his fellow Republicans. Greer knows he is likely going down. He is likely to take the reputations of several past and present elected officials with him. Greer's wife Lisa is firing shots at George LeMieux on Facebook.

"Thanks for the many posts, emails and calls of support after the TV Special. Of course it has been met with some false responses issued in press releases by those who want to protect their own contracts and careers. To those who remain committed to destroy Jim no matter what the cost to my family, we stand firm with the truth on our side and will continue to reveal your corruption. By the way George, the only wrong turn my husband made was trusting in folks like you he believed to be honorable. The former handpicked Senator of Charlie Crist is desperately courting the support of the grassroots activists in distancing himself with a web of lies. He must have forgotten that he told Jim and I on a number of occasions that the Republicans only win elections in spite of the REC's and grassroots activists, not because of them."

We learn that former Gov. Charlie Crist contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement after receiving two messages from Greer.

"It was a little cathartic and he was able to vent," Greer attorney Damon Chase said of the voice mail and text messages Greer left for Crist. "But there's not a single threat in there anywhere. It's merely: 'I don't want to be friends anymore, stop calling and pretending you're my friend.' "

How pissed is Greer? Remember this public statement he made about his fellow Republicans.

"They just destroyed my life for no reason," a tearful Greer said of the legislative leaders last week on WTSP-Ch. 10.

Greer is no saint. A person does not have a shredding machine truck came to the RPOF office on Greer's last day to destroy documents. That is the act of someone with nothing to hide.

What I want the trial to reveal is how Greer and other Republicans were living off their party American Express cards. The RPOF is a nonprofit organization. It is illegal to use its funds not related to paying staff or operations. Which makes the the use of the credit card use more disturbing.

Greer - $500,000
Speaker Marco Rubio - $110,000
Indicted Speaker Ray Sansom - $173,000
Speaker-designate Dean Cannon - $175,000
Senate President-designate Mike Haridopolos - *$2,347
Rubio Chief of Staff Richard Corcoran - $70,000
RPOF Executive Director Delmar Johnson - $500,000
Jr. Party Staffer Melanie Phister - $1,258,000

The credit cards are the key to the corruption. This is why Marco Rubio has refused to discussed what he used his party credit card for. The secret severance package Dean Cannon and Mike Haridopolos negotiated with Greer is potentially explosive. As Ray Samson and Jim Norman has shown us. The Florida political system is seriously corrupt. Nothing will improve in the state until corruption is dealt with.

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At May 16, 2012 5:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know Jim Greer from my work.. Jim's a great guy, he'd do anything for anyone.. the charges against him are BOGUS! He deserved to be paid for his work in the RPOF.. he's being criminally charged for taking a well deserved 10% commission as if it were a criminal act?! But it's so obvious that Jim became the fall guy for the idiots that THINK they run Florida...shame on the Republicans for treating my friend Jim this way. The trial will set him free i hope, and expose the dirty black heart of Florida politics once and for all.. Jim would do anything for anyone, he's not a greedy politician scumbag like the rest of them..


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