Thursday, September 01, 2011

Wanted: David Rivera

The Florida Democratic Party has sent out this nifty Rep. David Rivera wanted poster. Rivera hasn't held townhall meeetings. That might have something to do with Rivera not wanting to answer questions about why he is being investigated by the FBI, IRS, Miami-Dade Police Public Corruption Unit, and Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Rivera has another problem. His campaign is broke. According to, his campaign has raised $110,324 and has $151,581 in debt. Rivera ran the Miami-Dade Republican Party into debt. Rivera spent $250,000 of Miami-Dade Republican Party money for Communication Solutions. Rivera's girlfriend Esther Nuhfer is the only employee of Communication Solutions. Nuhfer's only client is Rivera. Her office is a home in a residential community. I checked Google Maps for a business address for Communication Solutions in Coral Gables. There is none. An online profile of Communication Solutions shows the address to be a PO box.
PO BOX 143657 CORAL GABLES FL 33114-3657 US
Communication Solutions is what is known as a virtual company. Translation. It exists on the internet but not in the real world. This is usually how people set up bogus companies. Interesting tidbit is Nuhfer donated to the 2010 campaigns of Rivera, Sandy Adams and Rivera's former roommate Marco Rubio.

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