Monday, August 29, 2011

Mike Haridopolos Unleashes Another Bad Video

Mike Haridopolos' last attempt at an over-the-top political video was mocked by Florida bloggers. I should know because I was one of the people doing the mocking. Captain Pink Shirt's latest videos remind me of the bad video Tim Pawlenty released on Youtube. One was never sure if Pawlenty wanted to be the next president or a action hero in a Michael Bay movie.

The video opens with somber music and attempts to tie President Obama to the economic woes facing America. The happy music begins with Gov. Rick Scott dead center in the frame. I will gladly put Obama up against a governor that scares children. The ad repeats the rick Scott's lie that Florida's credit rating went up under his watch. Politifact ruled that false. Standard and Poors raised Florida's credit rating to AAA during the Jeb Bush administration.

Peter Schorsch asks a good question about who is paying for the video.

Worst of all, I’m assuming that since the video directs the unfortunate viewer to the Florida Senate’s website that this video was produced with taxpayer money. Someone explain to me how producing this video is fiscally conservative?

We will be paying for Haridopolos' Senate presidency for a while.

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