Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rick Scott Fires Black People

It says a lot about Gov. Rick Scott when former Gov. Jeb Bush comes off as the voice of reason. There is a reason why the Scott campaign don't want the lost e-mails to be found. The emails will reveal how callous Scott and his transition team is.

Bush emailed Scott's campaign manager Susie Wiles during the transition. Bush asked why is the Scott Team firing black people.

"All three are African American, non-political and good workers," Bush wrote to Wiles.

Scott had a history of discriminatory hiring and firing practices. David Yarian worked for Scott's Solantic clinics. Yarian told of Scott's refusal to hire brown-skinned people.

After the attacks on Sept. 11, Yarian says that Scott phoned him and stated that he should be careful not to hire anyone of Middle Eastern descent because they might scare off customers. At the time, Yarian was willing to excuse the directive as part of the collective shock the country was going through.

In November, though, Yarian interviewed a Hispanic man for a supervisory nurse position. "He was great. He had all the qualities and experience I was after," Yarian says. "But he had a slight accent. When Rick found out, he said, 'Nope. All our employees have to be mainstream.'"

One of the black people fired by Carolyn "Freda" King. She had lost her son, Army Pfc. Brandon King, in August of 2010. Another termination was Mavis Knight. Bush wrote to Wiles that Knight ""four governors well."

Scott did use of of the vacancies to add a tea party activist to the external affairs office. Shockingly, Scott's media relations handler Brian Burgess had no comment. Neither did Scott. That tells you how bad these firings stink.

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