Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rubio Birther Movement

Republicans pandered to the birther movement. During the 2010 campaign, Marco Rubio refused to say whether or not President Barack Obama was an American citizen. It is a simple yes or no question that Rubio refused to answer out of fear of angering the tea party. It is fitting that the conservative conspiracy theory web site World Net Daily is now questioning Rubio's citizenship.

Rubio's press secretary Alex Burgos told WND the senator's parents "were permanent legal residents of the U.S." at the time Marco was born in Florida in 1971.

Then four years after Marco was born, "Mario and Oriales Rubio became naturalized U.S. citizens on Nov. 5, 1975," Burgos indicated.

When asked specifically if Sen. Rubio considered himself to be a natural-born citizen, Burgos responded, "Yes."

The Constitution mandates a presidential candidate to be a natural-born citizen, a requirement that has dogged Obama since the 2008 campaign.

I don't feel sorry for Rubio for having to endure this nonsense. That said, the attacks on Rubio's citizenship are baseless.

The Republican Party played to the most crazy people in their base. That is now coming back to bite them in the ass.

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