Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gelber Op-Ed on Rubio

Former Florida Attorney General candidate Dan Gelber has a must-read op-ed on Marco Rubio's speech at the Reagan Library.

These programs, Rubio argues, made our country weak, bankrupt and threatened the “exceptionalism” that defined us. There is nothing novel about blaming your problems on a boogeyman.

The hypocrisy of Rubio's speech was when he said his own family has benefited from Medicare. Yet, rubio calls Medicare and other entitlements an evil to this country. This is classic Marco Rubio. He can spend $110,000 on a Republican Party of Florida credit card and default on a house. Rubio will then tell Americans we need to cut social programs like Americans cut their household spending. Would Rubio like to explain how he was cutting back on personal spending when he went shopping for wine or at Best Buy with a RPOF credit card? I would love to hear that story.

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