Friday, September 30, 2011

Adam Hasner Staying Classy

Republican Senate candidate Adam Hasner first swore to defend America from the nonexistent threat of Sharia law taking over the American legal system. Hasner is now attacking primary opponent George LeMieux's French ancestry. Hasner is sending out this bumper sticker to supporters.

Hasner is running a cynical and disgusting campaign filled with outright bigotry. It says much about the current group of Republicans that elected Hasner the victor of the CPAC Senate straw poll.

Tea Partiers aren't supporting Hasner because they expect competent governing. They want Hasner to beat up on Muslims, gays and anyone the Tea Party deems is not American. Hasner hasn't offered a coherent plan of creating jobs. Tax cuts to the rich is not a jobs plan. In fact, Hasner doesn't even have a page for his policy proposal on his campaign web site. This is how unserious Hasner is.

Hasner's campaign strategy is to be the Republican version of the 1962 George Wallace campaign. Wallace ran on calling Martin Luther King a communist and "segregation forever." Wallace and Hasner were both considered moderates earlier in their political careers. Like Wallace, Hasner realized that there were voters who would respond to being told to be scared of colored people. Hasner has been telling Republican primary voters that immigration is a grave "national security issue" and accused President Obama of not taking illegal immigration seriously. The truth is Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any president in history. A fearmonger like Hasner will not let facts get in the way of his attacks. All that matters is gaining political power.

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