Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Adam Hasner's Bizarre E-mail

Adam Hasner has received an F grade from the Christian Coalition. Hasner once supported stem cell research and cap and trade legislation.

"Responsibly addressing global climate change and anticipated national cap-and-trade legislation, while continuing to focus on energy diversity, reliability and affordability, the bill will place Florida's energy sector and economy in
a position to best protect the interests of Florida's citizens," the release read.

Hasner would later bash the Crist cap and trade policies he supported.

Hasner is not the kind of candidate the tea party is looking for. That is why Hasner started talking about the imaginary threat of Sharia law overtaking the United States. Hasner is now comparing the debt crisis to Hitler taking over Europe.

Our country was founded upon the idea that our rights and freedoms don’t come from kings or worldly powers, but rather that our freedom comes from God. For more than two centuries, that idea has been at the heart of the struggle toward a more perfect union, and that struggle has resulted in incredible gifts for our people, and the world.

Today, our nation is being driven deliberately toward a future unworthy of our past. The American people remain as exceptional as ever, but our government seems determined to prevent us from living up to our promise. The very freedom we celebrate this weekend is threatened like few times in our nation’s history.

On July 4, 1941, as Hitler’s Reich spread its influence across Europe, President Roosevelt used a radio address to proclaim the Fourth of July holiday as an example to the world in its fight for freedom. President Roosevelt said, “several new practices of tyranny have been making such headway that the fundamentals of 1776 are being struck down abroad, and definitely, they are threatened here.”

Nearly five months to the day later, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Despite the challenges, a generation of Americans would answer the call to save America, and the world, from a dark future under the control of brutal empires and savage dictators.

Today, the biggest threat to our liberty is not a foreign government, but our own. The worst practice of tyranny is not from a dictator, but from our debt – a debt which threatens to enslave future generations of Americans to a diminished future, a lower standard of living, and a reduction of our freedoms. We face more restrictions on our liberties from stifling bureaucrats than from threats abroad.

Today, we should reclaim the Fourth of July as a beacon in the fight for our own freedoms here in America. We should thank God for continuing to watch over our nation. We should celebrate the blessings of liberty we enjoy as Americans. We should be reminded of the immeasurable sacrifices that so many brave Americans have made to keep us safe, prosperous and free.

Most of all, we should pledge to do whatever we can to ensure that freedom’s light is not extinguished on our watch. That the sacrifices made by those who gave all to keep us free have not been made in vain. And that we’ll have the courage to entrust the future of our country only to those willing to do whatever it takes to save it.

May God bless you and your family on this Fourth of July, and may God continue to bless America.

This incoherent e-mail to Hasner's followers is bad. I will make an attempt to make sense out of nonsense.

I wonder why if Hasner believes that "our government seems determined to prevent us from living up to our promise" does Hasner keep running for government. The answer is Hasner doesn't really believe his own e-mail. If Hasner loves freedom then why would he want to serve on a government he compares with brutal savage dictators.

Mentioning Hitler in political dialogue, video or protest sign is a bad idea. Hasner is asked by The Buzz if he is comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler. Hasner threw is hissy fit on Adam C. Smith.

"You are now personally offending me...I'm not comparing obama or anybody else personally'' said Hasner, dismissing a question about why he would bring up Hitler in a July 4 message. "

"I didn't bring up Hitler on July 4 first - FDR did,'' said Hasner, who once demanded Alan Grayson apologize for describing the deaths of uninsured Americans as "a holocaust." "It's outrageous for you to make the obama comparison."

Is Hasner blaming a dead president for his e-mail? That is laughable. Technically, Hasner never mentioned Obama in his e-mail. Hasner fails to understand that the media and bloggers get a hold of fundraising e-mails candidates send out to their supporters. Hitler references never play well. It is Politics 101 to avoid references to Hitler.

Hasner thinks his supporters are stupid. There are tea partiers who will support Hasner because he will say what they want to hear. That kind of candidate is the worst person to send to Washington. Hasner's metamorphoses from right-of-center into lunatic fringe conservative lacks conviction.



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