Thursday, June 09, 2011

Adam Hasner: Moderate Man (Not Really)

The Buzz is having fun running some past headlines of the days when Adam Hasner portrayed himself as a moderate. This was five years before the tea party and the wheel were starting to fall off the George W. Bush brand of conservatism.

Hasner described himself as a moderate Republican who opposed expanding the state's private-school voucher program until greater accountability measures are added,'' the Sun-Sentinel wrote in November, 2004.

"Hasner cited votes in support of stem cell research and judicial bypass language in a parental notification bill and votes against a bill to expand the voucher program to families of active and retired military officers as proof he is a moderate Republican.... He also would support a review of the state's tax exemptions by the nonpartisan group, Florida Tax Watch," the Sun-Sentinel reported in October, 2004.

Hasner "has become a moderate voice in the Florida House and fit in well with his more conservative Republican colleagues," that paper's editorial board said the next day in endorsing Hasner.

"A rising star with moderate leanings and leadership hopes," was the paper's description in May 2004.

The truth is Hasner is a politician that will go where the current political climate is. Progressives have found out that Obama is not one of them. Obama had to run to the left of Hillary in order to win the primaries. Hasner will run like a tea party candidate and govern in a way that will get him re-elected for a second Senate term. The crop crop of Republicans in the United States Senate do not govern like moderates. Expect Hasner to follow their lead.



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