Thursday, June 09, 2011

Beware the Food Terrorists

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer engages in hyperbole by calling Food Not Bombs "food terrorists." Several members of Food Not Bombs were recently arrested for feeding the homeless.

Dyer hysterically believes that Food Not Bombs as a nefarious agenda.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has been quoted calling the group "food terrorists." He told ABC's Orlando affiliate WTFV, "I think they are using food or the feeding of the homeless for different purposes."

Yes. We all know the way to world domination is through feeding the homeless. Cue the Dr. Evil laugh.

Food Not Bombs and churches have fought the city of Orlando in court for years over being able to feed downtown. The current law allows for a group to obtain two feeding permits a year for a park. Orlando has a total of 42 parks. The idea of the law is to limit the amount of feedings in the park. It would be wiser for Food Not Bombs to find a private property that they can use for feedings.

As for Dyer, he needs to realize the members of Food Not Bombs are more likely to attend a Phish concert than be actual terrorists.

Update: the Peoples Liberation Front have announced they will launch a cyber attack tomorrow against the City of Orlando's web site. The cyber attack is in protest to the arrest of member of Food Not Bombs. Below is the Peoples Liberation Front's e-mail.

Peoples Liberation Front Communique

Thursday - June 9, 2011

This is a Message to the Orlando City Government --

We have watched with dismay as all across the USA more and more cruel and illegal laws have been passed against the homeless street people. Your recent arrest of Food Not Bombs activists is the line in the sand, and the Peoples Liberation Front will tolerate no more.

Tomorrow morning at precisely 10:00 AM EDT the forces of the PLF will remove the Orlando Government web site from the internet. It will remain a smoking crater in cyber space for exactly two hours, when we will give the cease fire order and allow it to return to normal function.

Consider this a warning. If you persist in the despicable practice of arresting people for feeding other people, we will permanently remove ALL your official web sites from the internet. You have been warned, do not make us return. Cease your persecution of Food Not Bombs and leave the street people alone.

SIGNED -- Commander X

PLF Field Commander

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