Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Jon Ausman v. Florida Democratic Party Redux

Jon Ausman continues to fight the Florida Democratic Party over his recent suspension. What interests me is this hysterical statement Ausman gave to the Florida Capital News.

Ausman said he endorsed Jeff Greene, who lost the U.S. Senate primary to former Rep. Kendrick Meek, because the Palm Beach billionaire would spend $40 million on a general-election campaign and help the whole Democratic ticket. He denied it was because Greene paid him for campaign work. Similarly, Ausman said he supported Leon County Commissioner Nick Maddox instead of former Commissioner Cliff Thaell on merit, not because Maddox paid him $500 for a strategy plan.

Who is Ausman kidding. He has a long-established reputation as a political mercenary. Political outsiders pay for Ausman's political consulting and Ausman endorses them. It isn't surprising that a political consultant would support his candidate. Ausman could just say he worked for a candidate because he believed that person was the best for the job. Instead, Ausman wants people to believe that the financial relationships he has with his candidates has no bearing. No one buys that for a minute.



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