Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Comparison of ACA and Ryan Voucher Plan

Albert Wu made a chart comparing different national health care programs. What is glaringly obvious is the Paul Ryan plan is by far the worst. Ryan's plan does not have cost controls. The Republicans would let insurers decide cost-sharing. That is a recipe for disaster.

As much as a hate the mandate in the Affordable Care Act, the mandate creates a risk pool that is designed to provide insurers healthier customers. In exchange, health insurers would cover people with preexisting conditions and cost controls. This provides the government with long-term savings.

The Ryan plan just throws money at health insurers. The Ryan plan has no plan on what to do with people with preexisting conditions. Canada and Britain places the entire populations of their countries into the risk pool. Canada and Britain coverage more people under their government plans and spend less of their GDP on health care. The Ryan plan endangers the health of many Americans. It does nothing to address cost.

Below is Wu's chart.

Health Reform Comparison

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