Saturday, July 02, 2011

Daphne Campbell Says 'I'm A Celebrity' After Asked About Medicaid Fraud

Florida House Rep. Daphne Campbell is under investigation for Medicaid fraud. Her husband, Hubert Campbell has been indicted for federal mortgage fraud. He pleaded guilty to using a false Social Security number to obtain a mortgage. He received three years probation.

The Campbell's son, Gregory, has been indicted.

The probe comes weeks after the arrest of the couple’s 28-year-old son, Gregory Campbell, in a separate Medicaid fraud case. He is accused of falsely billing the state for nearly $300,000 and has pleaded not guilty.

Below is a bizarre video of Miami Herald reporter Marc Caputo asking Campbell a series of tough questions. Campbell and her entourage run away from Caputo's camera. Campbell is laughing throughout the video and proclaims, "I am a celebrity." This incident and Campbell's public pen-throwing incident with Rep. Scott Randolph makes me think Campbell has the mentality of a child.

What wasn't caught on camera was Campbell running to Republican Rep Carlos Lopez-Cantera for help. Lopez-Cantera scolded Campbell as if she was a child.

As the camera went on, Lopez-Cantera pointed out to Campbell that she needed to stand on her own and face the press: "You're a state representative."

Campbell is a Democrat. Campbell actually thought Lopez-Cantera was going to throw a life line to her. The Republicans are going to let Campbell sink in the weight of her Medicaid scandal. Campbell's anti-abortion votes buys Campbell nothing with the Republican House caucus. Campbell has worked hard to alienate herself from the Democratic caucus and base. Campbell is done as a public servant.

Javier Manjarres of The Shark Tank took the video of Caputo videoing and asking Campbell questions. Campbell is laughing when asked why she was charging rent to homes that were unoccupied.

You can watch the Caputo cam video here.

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At July 14, 2011 2:09 PM , Anonymous Brotha of the Unborn said...

Have most members of the Democratic Party sold their souls to those who want to rid this world of non-white people!? Is there a link between racism and abortion? Let's all judge for ourselves by exploring the web-site of Life Dynamics Incorporated!!


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