Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scott Randolph Behaves Badly

Florida House Rep. Scott Randolph did a good thing by making the word uterus a battle cry for Florida progressives. What always bothers me about progressive politicians such as Jan Schneider, Samm Simpson and Alan Grayson, is the moment they go batshit insane. Randolph got into a paper and pen throwing fight with Rep. Daphne Campbell.

Tisdol said he hadn’t talked to Randolph. The Democrats leader, Ron Saunders, said he saw the incident and urged Randolph and Campbell to calm down.

“They were flinging things at each other and I said, ‘Hey, guys, this isn’t high school.’ You need to stop.” Saunders said he retrieved Campbell’s wooden pen from the trash can and gave it back to her. “It was on Scott’s desk, so he threw it away,” Saunders said.

Randolph was upset at Campbell for voting with the Republicans on anti-abortion legislation. Keeping Campbell with the caucus is one thing. A man throwing objects at a woman is completely uncalled for.

Update: a picture of Campbell's wooden pen that Randolph threw in the garbage.

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