Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daniel Webster's Angry Townhall Meeting

Rep. Daniel Webster was greeted by people angry at the Republican Party plan to abolish Medicare. Tea partiers and Medicare supporters shouted down each other.

Highlight of the video: a voter asked Webster how can Republicans can lower taxes for the rich and say they are trying to lower the deficit.

Voter: Congressman, why did you vote for a budget to privatize Medicare, cut VA benefits, and turn around and turn around and gave away tax cuts (inaudable) to the highest personal rates? You're not caring about the deficit or you wouldn't have gave away all those tax cuts.

A tea partier behind the man shouts, "We can't afford it, you moron." Either this tea partier makes over $250,000-a-year (doubtful) or he believes the bogus supply side economics argument that tax cuts create greater tax revenue.

A woman tells Webster that Medicare can keeps health care costs down with its ability to negotiate prices. Dismantling Medicare would only make health care costs increase without a government program program to be a counter balance to the private health industry.

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