Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Win For Florida's Environment

Gov. Rick Scott fought against the EPA clean water standards for the Everglades. U.S. District Judge Alan Gold has taken away Florida's right to handout pollution discharge permits and given the right to the Environmental Protection Agency. Gold's ruling comes down hard against Florida.

"Protection of the Everglades requires a major commitment which cannot be simply pushed aside in the face of financial hardships, political opposition, or other excuses," Gold wrote. "These obstacles will always exist, but the Everglades will not — especially if the protracted pace of preservation efforts continues at the current pace."

Gold was not pleased with Scott fight to allow more phosphorus in the water.

As further proof of the state's resistance to EPA water quality standards, Gold cited Gov. Scott's recent instructions to the DEP to petition the EPA to rescind its limits on nutrients in Florida waters - basically limits on how much phosphorus, mostly from farm runoff, is allowed in Florida waters.

Gold noted an executive order signed by Scott in January, which suspends all rule-making by state agencies, would likely hamper the state environmental agency's ability to create rules to enforce water quality standards.

It appears the federal government will have to step in to enforce clean water regulations. What I like to know is how does Rick Scott think allowing more phosphorus into the water will create new jobs? Is Scott aware phosphorus is used to make nerve agents?

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