Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Tea Party Emails Bill Nelson

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack awarded $100 million to Florida for Everglades restoration. This sent tea party activist "The Rogue Patriot" into a tizzy. Mr. Patriot sent an email to Sen. Bill Nelson voicing his displeasure over "Communist horsecrap" plan by "the United Nations" to spread their "collective Marxist Agenda."

Hilarity ensues under the fold.

Dear Senator Nelson, bill@billnelson.senate.gov

The Country is almost bankrupt and now you decide to fleece 100 million dollars of my/our tax payer money to try and take ranch lands away from private land owners over some bullshit United Nations induced wetlands project. This is pure Communist horsecrap Senator Nelson.

You say that saving the Everglades is your highest priority ? What about the 14 trillion dollar debt Senator. Surely this should be your highest priority not ACQUIRING private land from private citizens for the collective Marxist Agenda 21 Sustainability horsecrap.

WASHINGTON, August 11, 2011 — Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced $100 million in financial assistance to acquire permanent easements from eligible landowners in four counties and assist with wetland restoration on nearly 24,000 acres of agricultural land in the Northern Everglades Watershed.

If you think the citizens in this great state of Florida are going to allow you Commie sons of bitches to try and take private land and put it into the hands of the government let me tell you something bubba. We are onto your horseshit Marxist ideology.

The ranchers have a right to own the land and they have a right to defend it and protect it from YOU !

Senator Nelson. Stay the hell off the ranch lands. Return the money back to the Treasury and pay down the debt. This is private property Senator. You best be ready for a Constitutional revolution like you have never seen if you keep on trampling on the rights of private land owners.

In the letter below you say you want to ACQUIRE private land for the government. Senator go screw yourself and the Communist land grab you are undertaking. You sir need to have your US Citizenship revoked and please sir move your sorry ass to North Korea.

Let me tell you this Senator....if you try and take my land in the panhandle under the pretext of wetlands and other Marxist bullshit you best be ready for a fight. Any attempt by you and any of your Communist EPA sons of bitches that try to confiscate my land better be ready to fight me. Do you understand ? I am a tough son of a bitch Senator and I don't lay down for Commies like you. I will defend my property and I will not take a tax payer pay off so the f****ing government can own the land.

I don't like you sir. You are not a free market capitalist. Under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution Americans have the right to protect their property. Anytime Senator you want to debate the 1st and 2nd Amendment feel free to call me.

To all the ranchers who think they are about to lose their land because of Senator Nelson. Go buy a semi auto rifle and lots of ammo and defend your property. Turn down the tax payer money to buy out your land. KEEP YOUR land. Stop the forward momentum of this Marxist Agenda 21 Sustainability horseshit from trampling on you !!

Copy to every tea party member in Florida.

Geoff Ross

Senior Chief Petty Officer

United States Navy (Ret.)

"The Rogue Patriot"

On a more serious note: Mr. Ross is lucky he is not in jail. Threatening to shoot a United States Senator is extremely stupid. Ross is a man that believes the United Nations controls the policies of the Department of Agriculture. Stupidity shouldn't be surprising.

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At August 27, 2011 11:04 PM , Anonymous Brian Cox said...

Mr. Ross is not threating to shoot a Senator. He is layinjg claim to his 2nd Amendment right to protect his property. Under Florida gun laws citizens have a right to use deadly force to protect family and property from intruders. I support his comments.

At August 28, 2011 5:31 PM , Blogger Michael Hussey said...



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