Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Allen West Hints At Senate Run

I give Rep. Allen West credit for this. West knows how to keep his name in the press. Never mind that he is a freshman Congressman. Never mind that West lose his seat through redistricting and has some in the tea party turning on him for voting to raise the debt ceiling. West hinted to Politico that he might run for Sen. Bill Nelson's seat.

“If people want to talk to me about something like that it would be very disrespectful and rude for me to slam the door in their face,” West said on Monday night at a sold-out Palm Beach County tea party meeting, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

“I cracked it open enough so that people can slip a note under the door and I can read the note and I can write back on the note ‘probably not’ and send it back out under the door,” the newspaper quotes West saying

Considering how Gov. Rick Scott has left Florida constituents with a bad taste for tea; it is hard to imagine how West's anger problems and voting for cutting Medicare. The last hard-right Republican to run against Nelson was Katherine Harris and we know how that went. I doubt West will fire his campaign staff like Harris did. However, the Nelson campaign will hammer West on Medicare.

More likely, this is West trying to garner himself publicity.

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