Monday, August 15, 2011

The Rick Scott Makeover

It took Rick Scott's political team until August to realize that having the governor's facial features compared to Skeletor and Lord Voldemort wasn't helping his image. It didn't help that the governor's actual image scares the shit out of people and children.

Team Scott is asking the media to use a kinder and gentler publicity photo of Scott. After months of Brian Burgess openly declaring warfare on the media, they are now asking the media to help revamp Scott's image. The result is every newspaper blogging about Team Scott's request. The result is that the media isn't going along.

However, many media organizations, including this one, usually do not use handout photos from politicians.

Scott poll numbers are tanking. Team Scott isn't in the position to ask for anything. It is time for the Scott political team to start kissing ass.

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