Monday, August 08, 2011

One More Time: Rick Scott Makes the Donuts

Will someone please make Gov. Rick Scott stop with the donuts gimmick.

The News Service of Florida reports that Gov. Rick Scott continued to build his new media-friendly image on Monday, walking on to the set of WINK TV news to deliver doughnuts to the hosts of a news program. The hosts, who knew the governor was stopping by, plugged Scott’s new initiative of going to various businesses in Florida to do a little work, mentioning that they station is asking viewers what Southwest Florida job he should do. Scott started the new initiative last week serving doughnuts at a Tampa shop, and brought some doughnuts to his visit to WINK on Monday. “I went to a local place in Venice and picked up some great doughnuts,” Scott said, making sure to mention that they’re sugar free.




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