Thursday, August 04, 2011

Rick Scott Making the Donuts: The End

Not seen in the video was this encounter Scott had with a young girl named Annberlee.

"Five of each, one sprinkled, one cream-filled," ordered Eric Hothem, 44, of Tampa, who brought his 10-year-old daughter Annberlee to meet the governor. "Thanks, sir."

When Scott asked Annberlee a question, she was scared to answer and grabbed her dad.

In the video, Scott had this exchange with another parent.

Mother: "You should be ashamed that I have to go out and buy things for my daughter's classroom because of a shortage of funds."

Scott: (pause) "Thanks for coming."

Rick Scott: terror to children.

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At August 04, 2011 6:42 PM , Blogger Deborah Newell Tornello said...

Oh dear, he looks so strange behind the counter, serving people. Or trying to. Thanks for posting this, M. I'm gonna share the video on my FB page. (That poor little girl--I hope she doesn't have nightmares!)


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