Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pink Slip Rick Scott

Ed Schultz spotlights the "Pink Slip Rick Scott" movement and the fact the man who hates public health care has a $30.00 per month public health care plan.

Scott pays only $30 per month for taxpayer-subsidized health insurance for himself and his family, the Miami Herald reported. Meanwhile, the janitors who clean his office in the state Capitol pay six times as much out of pocket for their own health coverage.

Scott accepts no salary as state executive, but a perk of his — and 32,000 other high-ranking state officials — job is the option to enroll in the cheap insurance plan. Individual insurance for these top-tier officials costs only $8.34 per month. Nearly all of the state's 160 legislators are enrolled in the plan as well.

Don't be too hard on Scott. He is only worth $103 million.

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