Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orlando Homeless Feeding Update

The Orange County Democratic Executive Committee passed a resolution asking Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the City Council to stop arrest members of Food Not Bombs. The group has been feeding the homeless in public parks.

“Whereas, the passage of this ordinance and its enforcement involving arrests may reflect badly on Orlando, internationally. Moreover, adverse publicity about these arrests may significantly hurt the economy and reputation of the City Beautiful,” the resolution reads, in part. “Whereas, as Democrats, we stand firm in our belief in anti-poverty policies and expect our elected officials to do the same.”

I'm glad the Orange County Democratic Executive Committee has stepped up. The policy of arresting people for feeding the homeless has been a disaster and certainly hasn't lowered the homeless population. Dyer and the city council can designate spaces where the homeless can be fed. Food Not Bombs can could have found private property owner that would have volunteered their space for feedings. Both sides drew their battle lines and weren't willing to compromise. Hopefully, the Executive Committee resolution is the start of sanity.

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