Thursday, July 07, 2011

Obama Always Supported Entitlement Cuts

The Obamabots are creating the bogus meme that President Barck Obama did not offer entitlement cuts to the Republicans. Obama has been public about doing just this.

Obama's Twitter townhall.

What we need to do is to have a balanced approach where everything is on the table. We need to reduce corporate loopholes. We need to reduce discretionary spending on programs that aren’t working. We need to reduce defense spending. Everything has -- we need to look at entitlements, and we have to say, how do we protect and preserve Medicare and Social Security for not just this generation but also future generations. And that’s going to require some modifications, even as we maintain its basic structure.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that Obama wants to talk to Republicans about Social Security cuts. Even though Social Security is currently running a surplus. Carney admitted that Social Security has nothing to do with the federal debt.

"When you talk about deficit reduction, dealing with the issues that have been before us in these negotiations for these many weeks, Social Security is not a factor. But it also remains true, as he made clear in the State of the Union, that he is willing to, and thinks it's important, to talk about the long-term strength of Social Security," Carney told reporters Thursday.

I question if Obama even has a position on Social Security. On October 30, 2007, Obama said Social Security was fine.

"I absolutely agree that Social Security is not in crisis."

Obama flip-flopped on Nov. 6, 2007.

"You know, Senator Clinton says that she's concerned about Social Security but is not willing to say how she would solve the Social Security crisis, then I think voters aren't going to feel real confident that this is a priority for her."

In a week's time, Obama view of Social Security went from solvent to in crisis. Obama's shifting positions only makes sense when viewed as political opportunism. Obama ran an ad attacking opponent John McCain for alleged cuts to Medicare. Obama is now pushing for cost of living Medicare cuts. That should help people during an economic dowturn.

Obama plans on giving Republicans the cuts they want for entitlement and then declaring bipartisan victory.

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