Thursday, July 07, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Riddle me this: if Prez Obama was proposing Medicare/Soc Sec cuts, why wouldn't Republican, rather than Dem sources leak, hell, shout it?"

Blogger Joy-Ann Reid, on Twitter.

Really Joy. You are now floating conspirary theories. Obama talked about cuts to entitlement in his Twitter townhall meeting. I blogged my reaction.

Obama offers entitlements for cuts. Republicans are willing to let country default to protect corporate jet breaks. Obama again sounds delusional.

Can Reid explain how Obama doesn't support entitlement cuts that he has publicly offered. Vice-President Joe Biden offered Medicare to the Republicans. Entitlement cuts isn't a fiction being spread about Team Obama. It is their long stated policy goal. When the entitlement deal is made Reid will come out in support of it. I guarantee that.

Tas has shared is feelings about "Obamabots."

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