Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Obama's Twitter Townhall

Video of President Barack Obama's Twitter townhall meeting. What is internet about the network economy age is we become both more and less connected. President Obama can speak to more people through the internet. Hovever, the connection is less personal. Twitter was able to bring the horrors the Iran protests closer to people. A Facebook townhall proved too tough for Gov. Rick Scott. The governor answered only 12 questions.

I will watch and blog my reactions to Obama's townhall.

Obama said he underestimated how bad the economy was when he came into office. What kind of advice was Lawrence Summers and Tim Geithner giving the president.

Obama stresses Research and development grants. Obama's chief economist, Austan Goolsbee, wrote a paper against R&D grants.

Obama triangulates on immigration reform. That will get him one undecided voter in 2012. Well done, Mr. President.

Obama asked about collective bargaining.

Oh my God! Obama attacks the pensions of public workers. Obama says he don't have the power to deal with state level collective bargaining. Obama brags about freezing federal workers' pay. Obama said he did this to prevent layoffs. Obama did not cite layoff as a reason when he did them. Obama gave the Republicans the federal pay freeze without asking for any compensation. The pay freeze only saves $2 billion for 2011.

Obama expects House Speaker John Boehner "to see the light" on corporation on infrastructure projects. Obama sounds delusional.

Obama supports a tax credit for companies that hire Iraq and Afghanistan military veterans.

Obama sells extending the Bush tax cuts as stimulus. Obama is making the Republicans' argument for them.

Obama offers entitlements for cuts. Republicans are willing to let country default to protect corporate jet breaks. Obama again sounds delusional.

Obama could sound more excited when defending Head Start and Medicare. It is not that is is Mr. Spock. It is just that Obama knows he will be alright no matter what happens to Head Start.

Obama: "Some people are gonna be better off renting."

I wondrer how many people actually watched the Twitter townhall all the way through. Obama is stumbling talking about fuel efficiency standards. Obama isn't dumb. He just sucks when explaining policy.

Obama rambles about privatized space travel. Where is the longterm demand or destination going to be?

Obama: "if the wealthiest among us are willing" to be taxed more. The answer to that is no.

Obama is right that huge defense cuts are not coming right away. Military obligations in Afghanistan and Libya make that impossible.

Obama closes on the Department of Defense and private sector helped created the internet.

Thoughts: if this is the 2012 campaign model of Obama then Democrats are in trouble.

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