Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hasner & Wilson In Spinning Mode

Adam Hasner's campaign adviser, Rick Wilson, is attempting to put the best spin on his candidate's poor fundraising quarter.

To date, more than 98% of the money Hasner raised is dedicated toward the primary. More than 90% of Hasner’s contributors have the ability to donate repeatedly in future quarters. And the overwhelming majority – more than 85% – donated less than $1,000. #

“Obviously, we’re not going to out-raise our opponents right out of the gate,” said advisor Rick Wilson. “One of them is running the Charlie Crist special-interest, establishment campaign plan. And the other one wrote it. Our approach is fundamentally different: we’re going to win this race, not by making deals with Tallahassee insiders or compromising our principles with the Washington establishment, but holding firm on principle and keeping the faith with conservative grassroots donors. We’re also building a campaign that can go toe-to-toe with Bill Nelson next fall.” #

The campaign is still finalizing the quarterly report due on July 15th, but will show over $560,000 raised with a low burn rate and approximately $470,000 cash on hand.

Hasner did his own spinning.

“We always expected the two establishment opponents to start off raising more money than us, because that’s what the establishment does,” stated Hasner. “But we’ll ultimately win this race because of our positive conservative principles and a growing grassroots movement that’s looking for leaders who’ll stand up to Democrats and Republicans who act like them. Thanks to a growing and energized grassroots base, today is a great start for our campaign and a promising foundation for the long haul.”

It is laughable for Hasner to paint himself as an outsider. He is the former Florida House Majority Leader. One doesn't get that position by being a maverick. Hasner's problem is his fake tea party conservatism isn't catching on with voters. Corporate donors see Hasner painting himself as too extremist to win against Sen. Bill Nelson.

Mike Haridopolos raised $900,000. George LeMieux is tapping into Beltway donors. Courting the base is smart. Proclaiming that Sharia law is overtaking the United States makes Hasner look clownish.

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