Thursday, June 09, 2011

Pinson Complaint Against Schorsch

I wrote earlier that Peter Schorsch has made his share of enemies. Michael Pinson filed a complaint with the Hillsborough County Republican Party against Peter Schorsch. Pinson is urging HCRP chair Deborah Cox-Roush to not allow Schorsch to work on Republican campaigns. Pinson also dredges up Schorsch's past legal troubles.

Another interesting tidbit is Chris Ingram ran Pinson's e-mail on his blog. Schorsch and Ingram have been feuding over I'm not sure what. Neither is Benjamin Kirby. This is all very inside baseball.

Below is the Pinson e-mail.

Dear Chairwoman Deb Cox,

First, I wish to state for the record, that I support you and this complaint is no way is related to your leadership. I understand that you cannot control others and there will always be challenges in the party.

Please consider this a formal complaint to the HCREC and the RPOF board. I cannot believe that this is occurring 12 months before the National Republican Convention is coming to Tampa. Where is the unity in the local and state GOP?

As you clearly know, I do support you and the HCREC. I am a donor to HCREC, PCREC, RPOF and also support the Pasco REC and a wide number of campaigns. I reside in Pinellas County but by business is in Oldsmar.

One of my concerns is that why are REC members Andrew Dorsey and Ashley Intartaglia who are also board members of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans posting in the social media how they

1) Support Progressive Democrat Peter Schorsch to receive Republican donated monies as a campaign advisor to Republican campaigns and paying such funds to his web site after Peter has blogged that his goal in life to is replace Republicans in public office with Progressives?


2) They have posted that Republicans who donate to the HCREC and campaigns who live in Pinellas County should NOT support or donate to the HC REC nor any campaigns in districts they do not live in. Under the postings of Andrew and the Young Republicans, we should not support Michelle Bachman, or donate to the campaign for Allen West, or if you do not live in the district for Gus Bilirakis then your should NOT support Gus or donate to his campaign.

I am merely a small business owner who became active in supporting the party since 2008. In 2009-2010 when I spoke out about the very clear corruption within the RPOF from the previous Chairman and his ties to certain GOP leaders in Tampa Bay, I was suddenly attacked by several of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans followed by a Progressive (Democrat) Blogger “Peter Schorsch”. Prior to me speaking out as a taxpayer and donor to the party, and prior to these massive blog attacks by Peter Schorsch, I never had even heard of Peter Schorsch. After 14+ negative blogs from this individual of massive false statements, who is now pending a legal action to be filed, many Conservative Republicans had contacted me about the massive corruption and more in the RPOF. As you know, the past Chairman under the hand direction of Governor Crist has been Indicted. It was brought to my attention in late 2010 that Democratic Peter Schorsch has been on the payroll as an alleged political consultant and the RPOF and REC’s have donated money to Republican campaigns who then have put Peter on the payroll or have purchased ad space on his web site. Peter has used donated Republican monies to fund his movement to remove true Republicans from public office and replace them with Progressives. In 2010, Peter received an award from the “left” as Florida’s “Progressive Blogger of the Year”. So why is the 2011 Tampa Bay Young Republican board members and members of the HCREC openly supporting Peter Schorsch in the social media and slamming Conservatives?

As you know, in 2011, I opened the web site for to help support the Grass Roots Movement in the party. As a business owner and employer of 30 families, I wanted to help clean up the past mess, prevent the Tea Party from splitting the GOP and speak out to clean up the GOP. After all, we cannot clean up DC if we are unwilling to clean up our own party first.

Below are story links about Peter Schorsch and his GOP ties, and also Progressive Republican Barry Edwards who was exposed by the 2010-2011 Pinellas County REC Chairman. According to the PCREC, Edwards was actually on the payroll of the PCREC prior to 2010. As a donor, and business owner, I have to ask ‘Why” would the RPOF and REC’s sit still for this?

Why are Republicans even allowing these two guys near them with donor money or allowing them near GOP campaigns? Many of us in Tampa Bay are in utter shock about how long this has been going on in the party. It is time to say “Enough”.

Peter and Barry have the right and freedom to do what they want within the law and offer any services they want in a free market. However, Republican donors have every right to bring this matter to the attention of the Republican Party and demand accountability of donor monies concerning why such funds are being paid to people who want to end the Conservative & Constitutional Movements in the Republican Party.

Peter Schorsch of, a Progressive Blogger, Rated Top Debtor to Florida Taxpayers for Unpaid Election Law Violations & Fines

Progressive Political Consultant & Blogger Peter Schorsch Admits Witnessing Alleged Cash Bribe to Politician to Criminal Investigators

Giuliani Event Aide Barry Edwards Quits Over Sex, Theft Charges

Republican Insider Barry Edwards Exposed For Theft Conviction | Florida politics blog: The Buzz
Florida Elections Commission is owed almost $1.4 million in unpaid fines – St. Petersburg Times

Frankly, as a donor I would like the HCREC board and the RPOF board to review these ongoing comments in the Social media by Andrew Dorsey and the 2011 YR’s board members who are also REC members.

Just why in the world would HC REC members and TBYR board members support Democrat Peter Schorsch and tell HCREC and RPOF donors NOT to donate or support outside Conservative political campaigns? This has happened on three separate occasions over the past month, mainly by these two YR’s / REC members.

These comments and attacks by REC and YR’s members against donors will only cause problems and reduce revenues into the 2012 elections. Many people have taken notice of what has occurred and posted that they will no longer donate to the REC and RPOF because of what these two YR/REC individuals are saying in the Social Media. They are leading others to act in the same manner.

What ever happened to the GOP Oath by these REC and YR members? Under the Young Republican and REC Charter rules, how can they attack Republican donors and openly support a Progressive Democrat like Peter Schorsch into their fold?

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