Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why Marco Rubio Loves Oil Tax Subsidies

Sen. Marco Rubio is taking the courageous and fiscally conservative position by planning to vote against the elimination of tax subsidies for oil companies.

"It’s a tax increase. I don’t vote for tax increases," Rubio told the Buzz. "Those are the same subsidies that are available to everybody and every company. I’m interested in lowering gas prices. I’m not interested in wasting time talking about things that aren’t going to help lower people’s gas prices."

Blast from the past: Ed Schultz mocked the stupidity of Rubio saying that deep water drilling is safe. Schultz showed video of Rubio telling Wolf Blitzer this, as a live feed of oil leaking from the Deep Horizon hole leaked into the Gulf.

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The oil and gas industry as donated $196,600 to Rubio since the 2005 election cycle. Oil industry PACs donated $76,750 to his Senate campaign. The Oil PAC contributors is a who's who of the energy industry. With friends like this it is obvious why Rubio won't vote for ending the tax subsidies.

American Gas Assn $1,000
Chevron Corp $10,000
ConocoPhillips $3,000
Devon Energy $10,000
Exxon Mobil $10,000
Halliburton Co $5,000
Independent Petroleum Assn of America $5,000
Koch Industries $10,000
Marathon Oil $5,000
Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Assn $1,000
Murphy Oil $2,000
National Ocean Industries Assn $4,000
Occidental Petroleum $2,000
Spectra Energy $2,500
True Companies $750
Valero Energy $2,500
Williams Companies

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