Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Cat Blogging

Cheetahs are the wimpiest of the big cats. I have heard stories of a wild cheetah bonding with a family in Kenya. Namibian conservationist Marlice van Vuuren uses a teasing technique on cheetahs to make them accept her. This would not work on a pride of lions. Vuuren speaks English but it is hard to make out what she says over the foreign narration. Before is a transcript.

1:31 If I kneel down, they will come towards me because I’m the same size as them.

1:50 I do this to show you how cowardly they are, not to tease them, but also to raise my own adrenaline. As soon as you turn around, they attack you. If you try to make eye contact, they get scared of you.

2:08 If you run, you’re prey. As soon as you turn around, they’re scared, they stop.

2:47 I think they’ve had enough, they’re too scared of me.

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