Saturday, May 07, 2011

Why You Should Stop Alex Sink

Alex Sink stood against religious tolerance by coming out against the Park 51 project and furthering the rightwing smear that it was on Ground Zero.

"Like all Floridians, I'm grateful for our constitutional right to freedom of religion... When it comes to what to build close to the hallowed site of Ground Zero, I think it ought to be up to the people of New York City to decide. It is my personal opinion that the wishes of the 9/11 families and friends must be respected. They are opposed to this project and I share their view."

Sink is equating a religion with terrorist extremists. Should Catholic churches be moved in New York City because of the crusades and the Irish Republican Army? The answer is no. Sink and her opponent Rick Scott should not be ignorant to the fact that the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act protects such sites. It isn't too much to ask two people running for governor to know the law before they speak.

Sink support a permanent extention of the Bush tax cuts for the rich. This is what Sink told Chuck Todd of MSNBC.

"I think the Bush tax cuts ought to be extended," Sink said. "They impact small business tremendously, and you know that Florida is a state of small business, so those tax cuts need to be extended."

Tas made a great point about Democrats advocating a small business tax cut. Sink is pitching the Bush tax cut extention of the top bracket because she thought it would be politically popular. This shows that Sink is clueless.

You can help "Stop Alex Sink on Facebook and Twitter. For the love of humanity, please do not let Sink run for statewide office in Florida again.

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