Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rick Scott Against Minimun Wage Increase

Gov. Rick Scott is disappointed that Florida's minimum wage will be increased by 6 cent TO $7.31 an hour. Scott's media flakey Brian Burgess has no problem defending an indefensible position. Burgess claims that a 6 cent increase would make Florida less competitive. The reality is stagnant wages drives skilled labor to other states.

Gov. Rick Scott was disappointed in the decision, but will not appeal it, said spokesman Brian Burgess.

"Florida's rate can never go down and it's pegged to inflation, so over time it will make Florida's rate substantially higher than the federal rate," Burgess said. "In the long run it will make Florida very uncompetitive."

Scott did not want a 6 cent increase in the minimum wage. However, Scott has no problem eliminating Florida's corporate tax rate. How in good conscious can Scott try to deny the poor a wage increase as inflation goes up and then say corporations are suffering with a straight face. Scott is waging class warfare on the poo

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