Monday, May 16, 2011

Glenn Beck's Latest Rally

This is the poster for Glenn Beck's lates rally. I literally had a WTF moment when I saw this. Apparently, Beck is holding a rally against a two-state solution for the Israelis and Palistanians. Beck proclaim that (another) apocalypse will transpire if the two-state solution happens. Anyone who follows Israel politics knows we are probably further from a two-state solution.

Beck says if you don't attend his rally "the gates of hell will open." Now that Beck has lost his Fox News platform this rally is not going to get huge numbers. I wonder if Beck's followers ever ever gonna start asking their leader why his doom and gloom predictions never transpire.

Beck is reaching for the end of days Christian Right flock. Beck rants about Israel, the apocalypse and armageddon. I am wondering when Beck will pull an Oral Roberts and proclaim that God will take his life if money doesn't get sent to his coffers.

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