Monday, June 29, 2009

Mason-Dixon Florida Senate Race Poll

The latest Mason-Dixon poll shows Gov. Charlie Crist having a sizable over Marco Rubio. Crist leads 51 percent to 23 percent advantage.

Democratic Congressman Kendrdrick Meek 27 percent to 12 percent lead over Corrine Brown. The latter has not officially announced her candidacy. Brown has statewide name recognition at 9 percent and an unfavorable rating at 10 percent. Meek polls with a only 1 percent unfavorable rating. Brown would start the campaign with negatives and without the party's support.

Crist's unfavorable rating is 22 percent to Rubio's 5 percent. If Rubio is going to have success it will be defining himself to voters that don't know him. Crist will use his charisma and sunny disposition.

The Democratic primary is currently a one candidate race. The Republican primary is drawing national attention for how the race is splintering the GOP's pragmatic and ideologue fractions.

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